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Looking for a One Time Delivery?  We do that too!

  • “A flower does not use words to announce its arrival to the world;
    it just blooms.”
                                            – Matshona Dhliwayo.

About Blackspring Farms...

Blackspring Farms is a small scale flower farm that specializes in Flower Delivery in Memphis, TN.  Founded by a single mother and her 2 young children, Blackspring Farms serves as a Memphis Florist, Flower Farm, and Flower Delivery Service for the MidSouth*.  Blackspring Farms creates stunning flower arrangements for all kinds of different special occasions such as: Wedding Flowers, Birthday Flowers, Anniversary Flowers, Mother's Day Flowers, Easter Flowers, and Valentine's Flowers.  We also provide Sympathy Flowers.  But more than anything, we specialize in flower delivery subscriptions.  We offer Weekly Flower Delivery Subscriptions, Bi Monthly Flower Delivery Subscriptions, and monthly flower delivery subscriptions.  We offer office Flower Delivery Subscriptions, as well as Flower Delivery Gift Subscriptions.  Our weekly subscriptions are available in 4, 8, and 12 week subscription packages and our monthly subscriptions are available in 3 month packages.  

                                                        *Please note that while we utilize our farm flowers from June until October, we also take advangtage of local wholesale options during the winter season. 

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