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We've had chickens here on the farm for years now, and we have learned so much from trial and error! With the prices of Eggs increasing everyday, the prospect of getting chickens might seem enticing to folks who have never considered it before. The undertaking of getting your setup right can be daunting, but we can help! Let us put together a coop that's appropriate for your backyard.  We'll get you started out with some baby chicks and a brooder, or start them ourselves and bring them to you when they're roughly 6 weeks old and ready for a big coop. 

Even better, we'll help out with the most problematic parts of the whole chicken experience - roosters and poop.  


It's hard to tell in when chickens are babies whether or not they are hens or roosters, as they get older the roosters make themselves known.  Roosters aren't allowed in the city limits, and you wouldn't want one anyway..... We'll take any rooster that shows up off your hands.  We'll also offer a regular cleaning service for your coop so you don't have to worry about it.  Or if you'd rather, we'll work with you to train you how to deal with the coop, and we'll always be around if you need a little extra help at any point.  I'll be your chicken-lady!

Fill out this form to get in touch and let us know what you need, we'll in contact shortly to set up a time to get together, look at the space and figure out a plan of action...

Check out our Pinterest page for ideas and inspiration about chicken coops!

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