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Intro to Music with Eva Brewer

Guitar, Mandolin and Fiddle Lessons with Dr. Roy Brewer

Having been raised in a family of professional musicians, Eva has always had a unique comfort with creating it.  For anyone who is in need of a musical guide to help them choose the right instrument to learn or just to help them understand the basics of it all, Eva is a great resource.  No pressure and no intimidation, Eva will guide you thru the basics of guitar, bass, piano, and voice so that you can make an educated decision on whether or not you want to continue down the path of musical mastery.  A great place for a beginner to start, regardless of age.  

A bachelors degree in Violin Performance and a PHD in Ethnomusicology, Roy Brewer has been enamored with numerous styles of music and performance over the years.  From the Symphony Orchestra to Flamenco Guitar, Rockabilly, Blues, Old time Country and plain old Rock and Roll, Roy's played just about everything.  Decades of instruction and  performance have made Dr. Roy Brewer a seasoned teacher and performer who selectively chooses the venues he offers his services out of.... his presence at Blackspring Farms is largely in part influenced to the fact that his daughter owns the business...  So don't miss out on this great opportunity to learn from a master.

Guitar and Electric Bass Lessons

Tony Forte is a professional bassists and guitar player in bands from Memphis to Nashville.  Taking lessons from an inspiring role model as a child, Tony appreciates the value of an influential teacher and strives to provide his students with the same level of encouragement he once received in his musically formative years.

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