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Ain't No Cure For The Summer Time Blues

Because I knew back in January that by now in the summer season my sales would be drying up, I contacted GPAC about selling flower crowns at some outside movies they would be showing in July. Last night they showed Cinderella, so I figured, what a great opportunity to sell princess crowns! They agreed, and yesterday I happily packed up the whole kit and caboodle to go sell crowns.

Our Shop, inside of Cafe Eclectic on N Mclean, has no air conditioning. There isn't much I can do about it, there isn't much Cafe Eclectic can do about it, so for the foreseeable hot future it will have to be closed. As a result, we're increasingly low on funds here at The Farm. So the potential of making a few extra bucks on flower crowns last night was a lovely possibility.

During the pack up process there was a usual amount of teenage drama going on with my oldest child, her friend was going to come with us but couldn't get here until 15 mins after I had planned on leaving, and worried about being late to our first encounter with GPAC I said we had to leave without her and she just wouldn't be able to come this time. All hell broke loose. So while I'm packing the car my daughter is screaming at me, life isn't fair, why can't she just have fun, I'm so mean etc... and between these outcries I was giving orders. "Take those suit cases to the car. Help me get this table. Open the door for me." She was barely participating but in the end we did get it all in, I thought, and go. We drove 50 mins to get there, and as I was pulling the table and booth stuff out of my trunk, I realized that we were missing something. We were missing the two suitcases with all of the merchandise. We were missing the two suitcases that I asked my daughter to get, and she didn't because she was throwing a fit.

So, unceremoniously, I put everything back in the car, explained calmly to my daughter why we were leaving, and drive the 50 mins back to our house in silence.

Sorry, GPAC.


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