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Become a Sponsor Today!

We have opened up our registration process for our supporters to sign up for flower sponsoring!

We love community involvement, and we're going to have regular opportunities for our supporters to come get their hands dirty here on the farm once the ground thaws out... But what about those folks who don't have time (or energy) to come out here and work but still want to help? Well, sponsor a flower bed!

When you sponsor a flower bed, you contribute funds to help us get all the supplies we need to bring a particular flower into creation. From seeds to soil, water and time, it takes so much to get started!

We'll make sure everyone who receives any of the flowers you sponsored knows that you helped get those flowers to them. We'll include a business card with our sponsors' names on every bouquet we sell.

Sponsorships are first come first serve and there is only one sponsor allowed per flower variety, so make sure you grab your favorite flower sponsorship asap! But if you don't make it, rest assured you'll have another chance. We plant new flowers all summer and into fall, so you'll have another chance to put your name by a flower.

We'll send you pics of the process from starting the seeds, to transplanting the babies, to watching the first flowers bloom. At the end of the season we'll even send you a packet of flowers from the final harvest.

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