My Journey with Daffodils

Well folks, it's getting to be about that time again... The time when I buy bulbs to plant in the fall so I'll have flowers in the spring. Last year I planted Tulips and Ranunculus, Anemone and Giant Alliums and fragrant Hyacinths, and of course, Daffodils.

I think I can say with certainty, however, that the only ones of those flowers mentioned above that were really worth the trouble, in terms of cut flowers, were the Daffodils.

The Ranculus were too particular, hardly any of them made it. The Alliums were neat looking, but sort of awkward in a vase with other flowers because of their size. And the Hyacinths and Tuplips, although they smelled lovely and were just beautiful, really need to be planted in containers and forced. At a dollar a bulb and one flower per bulb, it's too big a risk.

But the Daffodils were great. The bulbs are inexpensive comparably and each bulb produces a number of flowers and comes back the next year!

Unfortunately, I made a big mistake in the planning of where I put my daffodil bulbs last year, and I needed the fertile soil and the full sun for summer blooms, so I lost some of last year's bulbs during the planting and tilling process this year.

Some of last year's bulbs will still come up, but I really need to invest in more in order to feel confident I can provide enough flowers for subscriptions in March. And also, I need to buy those bulbs now, or at least soonish, in order to get a good deal on them before the buying rush for fall planting starts in October.

Right now, I just can't afford it.

Somehow pre-selling the Daffodils is sort of my only option if I'm going to have any to cut in the spring... So, here are some brainstorming options...

1) I could sell subscriptions now, and use the money from the subscriptions to buy the bulbs... of course, March is 6 months away, and I'm just not sure who is goin to want to pay for a subscription that early.

2) I could charge people to out to their house and plant bulbs in their own yards in the October... They would pay now and then when bulbs arrive I'd go plan them in their yards.

The downside to this option is that I probably won't have time to be doing that in October, I'll have my own garden to worry about, a business to run, deliveries to make, kids to take and pickup f rom school, a website design operation to run and a small organizing business going on... I am capable of a LOT of multitasking, but even I have my limits. And although it's petty, I've been really happy in the last year not doing any services for anyone, only selling products, and I hate to go back on that now after having come so far.

4) Wedding orders? Maybe if I could get some wedding planners or brides interested in a pick-your-own bouquet sort of thing they could pay for the bulbs now as a sort of retainer, and pay for the flowers once they bloom? OR just pay all at once? I don't know how to go about reaching that audience exactly but it might be worth attempting...

3) I could try to fundraise.

Maybe I could start a go-fund-me for spring Daffodils? I hate to beg, which is sort of what I'd be doing, but realistically, it is sort of crises-level important that I get some bulbs in the ground before the end of October if I'm going to make any money in March.

Below are some pics of last year's bounty. Everything started coming up in early March, and for the entire month there was an abundance of sweet smelling, yellow and white blooms.

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