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Don't Do it Alone!

Whether you just moved to town, your a overwhelmed mother, or your kids have finally grown up and left the house,

sometimes life finds us feeling alone. It's nice to have a local contact you can trust with important things, like watering your plants if you're out of town or running an errand for you if you're in a tight on time.

Where sisters or mothers are apt to recognize that you need a helping hand around the house to get caught up, where loyal friends would walk with you away from a former chapter of life and into a new one, when you need someone to be there to guide you towards a goal you want to achieve, that is where I step in.

Call me when you're overwhelmed with house chores; when your to-do list is half a mile long but you don't know where to start. Call me when you don't have access to your regular support people, and you need just one person at least to trust. Rates are flexible depending on your situation. Because of safety and comfort concerns, I am currently only taking female clients.

I am not a therapist and I can and do not offer any emotional support services, but as a single mother, organizer, interior designer, carpenter, musician, and entrepreneur who has overcome many obstacles I can recognize the inherent vulnerability of a woman who stands alone and the powerful benefit of an trusted ally.

Set up a consultation with me and let's explore the obstacles in your path and how I can help you traverse them. Organizing the space around you is often a great way to begin organizing the things within. Cleaning and organizing your home is a wonderful first step.

Similarly, if you have loved one who lives in the Greater Memphis Area and you want to be with them to help out but for whatever reason cannot, my assistant services can be your gift to them. I help new mothers find their rhythm after they come home with their baby. I help divorcees fashion a new space to enjoy their independence. I help college kids decorate, move, and assemble dorm rooms when their parents live out of town, and I offer relief to working mothers who don't have time to maintain a professional career and keep a spotless house.

When you rely on friends family and neighbors to repeatedly help you when you're in a bind, there is a certain guilt that accompanies the request. But when you ask me for help there is no shame or guilt involved because after all, I am a professional. I love helping, and not because I feel obligated to.

Contact me.

-Eva Brewer

Blackspring Farms

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