Shelving Woe

Something Out of Nothing:

This is what I initially wanted for shelves in the new shop:

I was thinking, long boards with several shelf brackets, ascending up the wall, one shelf shorter than the other.....

But alas, too expensive. When I looked at my budget this month, it's pretty much impossible unless I sell plasma or sell instruments. So, instead of the fancy pine boards that are new from Lowes... I considered my unused chicken coop.

You see, a neighbor of mine out here in the country gave me a whole pile of planks that they cut from trees they milled I their own saw mill. I used those planks to build a chicken coop, but the chickens all died eventually and now it's sitting abandoned in the backyard. So, I stripped a few of these planks off if the structure... sanded them and stained them and I think they'll work instead of the pine!

The only trouble is I still can't afford any hardware. Even the cheap ones. I may just yet make a trip to the plasma donor center, we'll see. Here's what I've got so far: