Speed Cleaning

I am a professional organizer, interior decorator and housekeeper. But I am also a single mother of 2 children, I'm a singer in 2 bands, I own a flower farm, and I manage an Air BNB. I'm a busy lady.

My kids go to their dad's on the weekends, and on a good week I play late Saturday night and then wake up early Sunday morning to cut and delivery flowers.

By the time Sunday evening rolls around and the kids I finally get home and settled, the house is a disaster. There is so much to do to wrap up the week, in addition to getting my flower deliveries scheduled and all my music equipment unpacked and set back up in my living room, there's also dinner and laundry, sweeping mopping vacuuming....

I know in my heart that I cam physically and psychologically capable of getting it all done, but it's a struggle. I help people like me during the week, I come to their house and work along side them so they can get the impossible done in their home in the shortest amount of tie possible.... I would love to hire myself! But sadly there is only one of me and I am no exception to the rule that CLEANING YOUR OWN HOUSE IS THE HARDEST JOB THERE IS. It's 1000X easier to clean up someone else's stuff than your own.

So, following advice I would give a client, I sat down and wrote out a plan. I wrote out the most important things that needed to be done and I was realistic about my energy and the time I had.... 2 hours. I knew that I would be distracted if I worked too long on any given area so I limited myself to 10 mins per item. Here's what I came up with:

1) Planning

2) Eating

3) Kitchen

4) The Floors

5) Living room clutter

6) Laundry collection and Bathrooms

7) Sending emails

8) Cutting flowers outside

9) Prepping flowers inside

10) My Room

11) Daughter's Room

12) Son's Room

Notice that I included the 10 mins I sat down to plan in the schedule and another 10 mins to eat.... Thank god my kids ate before they came home so I didn't have to worry about a full blow dinner, just a can of soup heated up in the microwave.

Something I probably should have included somehow or another was time to select songs to clean to, it seems like I wasted time trying to figure out what I wanted too hear... if I had done that before I would've saved time. Listening to music is a huge encouragement for me when I'm speed cleaning, something fast paced that I can sing along to usually keeps my mood from dipping into rage when I'm cleaning up ridiculous messes the kids have made that I'm discovering for the first time....

Everything went par for the course, I mostly stuck to the time limits I had given myself.... Everything except my daughter's room.

For anyone out there with a preteen or teenage daughter, I'm sorry but you're going to have a hard time keeping their space and the spaces they occupy clean! My daughter slowed my pace waaaaaaay down when I got to her room. Yes, it would've been easier for me to just tell her to go outside and done the whole thing myself, certainly faster, but I can't help but feel like she needs to be a part of the experience... she needs to know how to clean! She did help, sort of, but it was grueling let me tell you.

I set out to work from 7-9 pm because I knew I would be too tired to work past 9:00.

I managed to get it all done before my cut off time! But I was really quite exhausted by the end.

I posted a video on Youtube of this whole cleaning process, and I sped it up so I sound like a chipmunk... although to be honest, I like the video sped up because it really does a fine job reflecting how I feel when I am in turbo clean-mode... moving fast.

In closing, to anyone who is struggling with cleaning their own house and finding the tie or drive to do it.... here are some pointers I've found helpful:

1) Get your tools together before you start the timer- Music, vacuum, mop, dish soap, laundry baskets, whatever you're going to need... you don't want to waste your precious budgeted time on finding stuff.

2) Prioritize. If someone you think highly of, someone that you wouldn't want to see your house like this, was coming over in 3 hours, what would you do to make your house look ok? Focus on that. I imagine my father walking in. Granted, there is only so much I can do in the time I have, like for example, I'm not going to be putting the knobs on the cabinets and finishing up the painting I've started but never finished.... But I can at least make everything else look nice enough that the works in progress aren't so appalling.

At my house all hell breaks loose when there aren't clean clothes or clean dishes... I feel like a failure when I seee my kids digging through dirty clothes looking for a matching sock or looking in the empty silverware drawer for a spoon.... So try to reach a compromise between what would look nice to other people (even if no one ever comes into your house) and what you really actually need in order to feel like a decent person.....

3) Don't get distracted. The whole point of the timer thing is to stay focused. If you've set a 10 min timer to clean your kitchen, don't get hung up on the stuff that belongs in other rooms. Put that stuff where it goes, but don't linger. If you get some wonderful idea while