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“There's Just Something About The Fall...”

There is an undeniable magic in the air in The Fall.

We watch the greenery start to wilt and all the insects start to retreat, and we give a little shiver of delight when it suddenly is chilly enough to need a sweater in the evening. I breath a sigh of relief to be able to turn off my AC!

Where I live, that first chilly night marks the beginning of the steady descent into Fall. The humidity and sweltering heat start to drop off during the day, the dew on the grass seems to increase... the thirsty Earth beneath soaks up the moisture like a sponge, famished from the previous month's high digits and rainless weeks.

There is more to the magic of fall than just the temperature change, Fall almost seems to sort of pull everyone back into nature, hiding at our ancestral history of farming and harvesting. Pumpkins, pine needles and pine cones, cinnamon and oranges, clove and cinnamon... We relish in the last harvests of the season, and we rejoice at the end of one phase and the beginning of another. We don't mourn the loss of summer because we are ready for it to come to an end.

As a flower farmer, this season is like the setting sun of the summer... All summer and spring I've been working hard, planting, harvesting, marketing, profiting (sometimes)... The hustle is real, and it has been since my first flower bloomed in early May. But now, after over 6 months of planning and executing my mission to grow and sell my flowers, it's time to wrap up for the season. I can't argue with Nature.... the first frost will officially mark the end of the flowers, and sadly, the end of money they bring in. And it's coming.

For the first time in my life I've found myself sort of resenting the coming of fall! But I am a hard worker, and when I get started on something and really going full swing, it's hard for me to stop. I wish I could grow flowers all winter long and keep growing my business! But realistically, it's probably healthy to take a little breather. Fall is here to provide that, to anyone and everyone that needs to take a breath, relax, ground themselves, and prepare for the next chapter.

Nature is practically sending us a handwritten invitation in The Fall- come outside and relax, enjoy what you've got, and recognize the cyclical nature of existence. What goes in must come out, and what comes out will eventually go back in. We're all a part of the same process. Look at a field of dried corn stalks if you need an example, imagine the decompostition process of the stalks as they get worked back into the soil to prepare it for the spring planting. Now consider the fruit of your efforts this year, those that succeeded and those that didn't, and seek solace in the consolation that (like the corn stalks,) it all gets worked back in to your overall experience, feeding future endeavors and your knowledge there-in.

Because I have such a hard time slowing down around this time of year, holding onto every last day of summer and dreading the cold nights, I like to remind myself of the significance of Autumn and the importance that I listen to Nature... Sometimes I keep little reminders of the things I love about The Fall, so that on days when I'm over working myself and I'm worried about the coming of winter and the transition of the type of work I'll be doing and the new projects I'll be taking on.... I can look at those things and remember to just take a breath and relax. BE HERE NOW.

Fall is a time to be present. Take it all in. See and hear and smell and feel, sit aback and look at the bounty of your harvest and rejoice.

Since my flowers won't be blooming for much longer, I thought this might be a good time to share some of my little Fall Keepsakes with you, Oh Great Internet People, near and far.

For the next 6 weeks, we'll be offering a new weekly subscription service from Blackspring Farms. I'm calling it “There's something about Fall.... Keepsakes to Remind.”

Delivered in a a handmade, reusable grocery bag you will receive a care package of fall themed items that are intended to remind you of the magic of Fall...

Autumn Breeze body mists and infusers,

corn husk dolls,

acorn necklaces,

homemade brooms,


walking sticks,

just to name a few of the treats that will be brought to your door step every week, or that you an purchase individually from my online store. Great for decorations and to keep with you thru-out the day, our 'Keepsakes to Remind' can also serve as heart felt gift to your loved ones. Each week you will receive $25 worth of merchandise and I will hand deliver the package to your door (if you live in the Midtown, Downtown or UM area of Memphis...) We also offer shipping to areas outside of our delivery range. As a weekly subscriber, you will receive our newest products before they area available to the public via our website and at a discounted price!

We'll be launching our new fall items for sale this coming week, everyday we add more.

Registration for the new subscription won't be ready until this weekend, so check back soon for more details!

-Eva Brewer

Blackspring Farms

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