Wolf Moon

January 17th, 2022 and tonight is the first full moon of the new year.

There have been many names for this particular lunar month, but we prefer "Wolf Moon" above the rest because it reminds us of our all white dog, Wolf.

This moon probably got its name from the frequency of wolf calls heard during the cold, snowy nights. With less prey out in the freezing cold, wolves probably had to communicate more than in the warmer months, going further and covering more ground as a pack.

If there is any lesson to be taken from nature here, it's the importance of leadership, cooperation and unity. With the remnants of the last year to our back and the dead of winter up ahead, it can seem cold and vast and lonely, but don't forget to listen for the calls of your comrades. We're all around, experiencing the same environment together.

So much of full moon appreciation involves the power of symbolism, what we make it to. mean within us. For the full moon this month, try to pull strength from the symbol of the wolf and its resilient spirit.

The color orange is typically associated with The Wolf Moon, representing courage, mental agility, energy, success, and endurance.

If at anytime during the month of January you are feeling a little overwhelmed by the woes of winter, light yourself an orange candle and ruminate on the meaning behind the act: the acknowledgment that within all of us is something akin to the spirit of the wolf, a courage and strength that must be nurtured.

Starting in February, we'll be offering Lunar Calendar kit subscriptions for each full moon of 2022. The kit will includ

e a description of the moon name of the given month, a scented spray (essential oil) that is typically associated with that moon, and a candle that is the color which represents the meaning of the moon's title.

For more info on full moons, check out Pinterest page!

Happy Wolf Moon!